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Elizabeth Olive
Elizabeth Olive Bolla started her journey with yoga in 1996 when she learned how to meditate. Her physical practice began in 1998 in the Kundlini lineage of yoga. After a serious back injury she tried Bikram yoga and Hatha. However, over the past 20 years she has explored and practiced a wide variety of styles. Based on her intensive teacher training she now enjoys a blend of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga based on alignment and breath. She received her teaching certification from the Yoga Alliance Approved 200-hour certification at YogaWorks Studios in Los Angeles, California. She has continued her trainings around the world at various retreats, workshops and festivals.
Arvindjeet Kaur
ARVINDJEET KAUR is a Shamanic Healer, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Certified Sound Healer and founder of Sacred Healing Sessions. She has dedicated her life to spread the message of love, healing and unity. Her passion is to nurture others, throughout their healing journeys. She passes on the wisdom gained by aiding and educating others to break through blockages so they can connect to their divine self. Arvindjeet, facilitates sound baths, healing circles and workshops at retreats, festival and corporate events all over California and beyond...Partial proceeds from all her events go to charities worldwide. For more details, please check-out www.sacredhealingsessions.com Arvindjeet is available for private healing sessions in the studio on Sundays and Mondays.
Sacred Healing Sessions
Hannah Jurado
Hannah Jurado e-ryt 200 discovered yoga in 1998 and fell in love with the asana practice. While studying for her bachelors in English at Cal State Fullerton, she took yoga classes on campus which led her to be certified through Cloud Nine Yoga School in 2006. Currently Hannah teaches Yoga, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Hatha yoga, power yoga, chair yoga, and postpartum (baby and me) yoga. She also makes a living as a piano teacher, creative writing teacher, musician, and artist. In 2013 she became co-owner to Cloud Nine Yoga School North OC Branch and teaches 200 hour yoga teacher trainings. She loves to guide people on this journey of life through creative and healing arts. “My yoga experience is about every aspect of life and I know that this has always been my path and realization is the only difference between my life before yoga, and my eye opening experience with yoga. The intensity created by all the amazing people who yoke to this energy make the flames burn and move to a beat of their own, yet still finds harmony and balance with one another that creates a unity which makes us all a collective energy dancing to this energy.
Sara Beckman
I attended my first yoga class during my Freshman year of Junior College in 2009. I remember how insanely difficult this was and how much I struggled due to lack of flexibility and physical stamina. From then on I practiced basic yoga sequences in my room (like trying to hold Downward Facing Dog for more than 3 breaths). The first time I touched my toes (EVER) was during this period and it felt like such a huge accomplishment to me. Over the span of 7 years I started my 200 hour at the Yoga Room of Redlands in 2012, and continued to my 300 hour through Cloud Nine Yoga in 2015. This also coincided with obtaining my BFA of Fine Art Photography from CSULB. So whether you’re in front of my lens or on your mat in my class, I can guarantee a good time full of relaxation techniques as well as dorky humor.
Ursula Williams
Instructor - on Sabbatical
That Mind-Body-Spirit connection is what drives Ursula’s love for teaching yoga. A personal practice is incredibly important, but Ursula equally loves the energy that’s created when a group comes together and shares the magic. After years of running in circles to climb political & social ladders, Ursula crashed and began to rely on outside elements for stress-relief, inner-peace, and self-medication. Reaching a breaking point, and realizing the need for something different – something real – Ursula gratefully discovered that yoga offered her serenity and emotional balance, as well as physical challenge and expression. Ursula finds it a blessing to now live a life that is 100% present, and that helping & encouraging others to find wholeness is what brings her ultimate joy.
Jessika F
Jess is a born and raised San Diego girl who relocated to Long Beach in 2016 to find her tribe. Having completed teacher training toward the end of 2016, Jess made the decision to leave the corporate world behind and is now leading yoga classes around the Long Beach area. Practicing a honoring ancient traditions of Hatha yoga, join Jess in class to journey into the cultivation of your unique mind-body-spirit connection.
Alissa Nelson
I found yoga over a decade ago and first started teaching in 2014. Yoga has helped me to find balance between my type A overachiever personality and my desire to build a more inclusive society where all can achieve. I am deeply committed to ensuring the accessibility of yoga as a healing practice for all communities and strive to hold space that welcomes all bodies regardless of gender identity, body shape, ability, trauma history, or race. I enjoy exploring poses and the different paths we can take to reach our expression of asana, making ample use of props to help the poses fit your body. After experiencing the power of yoga to help reintegrate my mind and body following trauma, I enrolled in Yoga Tree's 200-hour certification program in San Francisco and has trained with teachers including Darren Main, Kerri Kelly, Dianne Bondy, Sean Haleen, and Rebecca Rogers. More than anything I learn from other students of this beautiful discipline.
Amber Costilow
Amber Costilow (athlete, bodyworker, nutritionist, photographer, lioness, dreamer) SEEKS TO —> empower, align, create, play, inspire. Amber fell in love with yoga in 2003 & has committed her life to helping others uncover their best & brightest selves. Her teachings will shift your practice, ability & self-belief in new directions.
Hey ! My names Matt. I'm an Orange County native who discovered yoga through serendipity. As I've been introduced to the Sutras as well as other forms of ancient yogic philosophy, I realize more how the world was teaching me these principles all along. Yoga is such an expansive practice and lens to view the world through, sometimes it's hard to know where to start. As an instructor/guide/facilitator I wish to help other practitioners find the direction they're interested in going with their journey. I wish to facilitate a space for one to explore the practices of yogic tradition so they can find their own. It's like learning what all the colors are, the techniques to apply these colors and maybe a few examples of how these colors have been applied in the past to inspire the masterpiece you are to create. Your yoga; originally beautiful, just like yourself. As a practitioner myself, I learn from all that is around me. I love to expand my studies throughout the colors of the yogic spectrum. Taking pieces of the different yogic traditions, pieces of technique I've learned from other practices (dance, surf, poetry, music, life) and then experimenting. Using the combo of knowledge I have to connect with what feels good/progressive in my body. I intertwine the wisdom of this practice to the wisdom I've acquired through experience and continue to find ways or directions I can grow into my fullest self. My ultimate goal is to tune into the synchronicity between all that is around me and all that is within me so I can better flow into tomorrows know.
Madeleine started practicing yoga in 2008, learning how to meditate started her spiritual journey. She started practicing a feminine embodiment practice, Amba Yoga in 2010 and fell in love with the wild organic movements of this unique style of yoga. In 2017 she dove deeper into her practice and completed her 200 hour YYT. As a teacher she strives to create a safe space for students to move and breathe deeper into their bodies, leading a flowing practice that explores free space, grounds to earth, and lights the inner flame.
Alex Riggs
Alex is a Southern California native with extensive knowledge and awareness of the human body. She trained in competitive gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading growing up, performed in various aerial acrobatics and pole fitness showcases from 2012-2014, and in 2015 underwent a major physical transformation losing 30 pounds in a year! Alex quickly realized that physical fitness was not just an area she could benefit from, but an essential pillar of health and wellness she could teach to others. Yoga, especially, has been the means to a profound discovery of self love and compassion, kindness and nurturing, which are prominent in all of her classes. She’s a stickler for form and alignment and an even greater proponent for finding the yoga that works best for each individual. You can expect to learn something new in each of her classes, whether it be yogic philosophy, unique asanas (postures) and flow sequences, or scientific explanations for the mechanics and functioning of the human body. Alex is currently a full-time Pilates, Indoor Cycling, and Yoga instructor as well as a Personal Trainer and Reiki healer. She has certifications in Lagree Fitness Method, Spinning by Mad Dogg Athletics, Personal Training by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Yoga Alliance RYT-200, and level 2 Reiki Energy Healing. Alex has Bachelors degrees in Advertising and English from Cal-State Fullerton, and in her free time enjoys studying psychological astrology and philosophical theories, hiking, dancing, writing on the topics of self-help and fiction, and spending time with family.
Jon Michael
Jon Michael started teaching gymnastics during high school at the local gym while competing as an acrobat. Competitive sports taught him realize that the mind needed to be trained as much as the body, and went off to study eastern philosophy, mediation, and ultimately yoga. Jon Michael has a deep background in the philosophies and training methods of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, the Sikhs, Tantra, and Vedanta. He began is yoga training in the Astanga of Pattabhi Jois in the Sharon Gannon and David life's Jivamukti School of New York City in the early 90s. Jivamukti influenced his style of interweaving the philosophy and esoteric aspects of yoga into the movements and postures. His first teach training was in the Jivamukti School. Later, under the tutelage of Yogiraj Rod Stryker,and the practices of Raja and Tantric yoga, he came to a deeper understanding of the magic powers of the mind, bio-energetics,and the skills of necessary for powerful manifestation. By practicing Raja Yoga, Jon Michael prepares the body and the mind for the deeper states of consciousness necessary to be a master manifestor. Skilled at accessing the body's alignments for activating powerful energetic flows, clearing blockages, and clarifying the energy field, Jon Michael's practice sessions are designed to bring balance and harmony to the body, and clarity and steady vibration to the mind, and a refined understanding of our personal journey to self-realization and enlightenment.