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 244 Pine Ave in downtown Long Beach.

Free two hour parking at City Place parking between 3rd and 4th street and Pine and Long Beach Blvd.


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Class Descriptions

Core Flow: Wake up your mind, body spirit with an enlivening practice centered around your core!  A healthy spine is supported through the strength of your core muscles!  This class begins with mindful breathing and poses designed to build your core and heat you up internally through strength building  poses that benefit your range of motion, strength and balance.  Each pose prepares you for a peak pose.  After you will experience counter poses and cooling down poses that bring you into an amazing savasana, followed by a short meditation to get you centered.  All levels are welcome.  We modify, challenge and stay humble.


Sunday Community Kundalini:  Join us for a 90 minute Kundalini and Meditation class.   This class is designed for all levels and heats you through breath of fire and a powerful kriya (action/sequence) to prepare you for a deep mediation.  Great way to end your weekend and get you ready for your week.

$10.00 minimum contribution to the fund — Thanks for your support.
**This class donates to Mental Health of America to help build a homeless recovery center!  Your membership does not count towards this class – so please plan to contribute what you can to help others!  * Click here to donate to Mental Health America *

Deep Flow |  6 Week Series/Every Other Sunday: Inspired by the teachings of Ana Forrest, Deep Flow is a practice that offers students a safe space to explore the mysteries housed within the physical body. Each class includes pranayama (breath work), core strengthening, and a sequence of postures that lead up to a peak pose. Learn healthy alignment, deepen the breath, and unlock the wisdom centers inside your body! (90 minutes)

*Classes are taught in a room heated to approximately 75 degrees.


Yin Fusion Flow:  Join us for 90 minutes of a Yin Yang class.  In Yin yoga, you get into the connective tissue by holding poses to re-web the connective tissues in your body as they are strengthened in each pose that is typically held 1-5 minutes.  We do this on a cold muscle to allow for the magic to happen!   Yin yoga teaches us we to stay in stillness.  The connective tissue is rebuilt while holding the poses that are mostly close to the ground!  After, we heat up the muscles with a vinyasa flow sequence that will work you into bliss!  Enjoy an amazing meditation and savasana after to feel enlivened for the rest of your day. All levels are welcome!


Kundalini & Meditation: Join us for a 90-minute class of Kundalini Yoga  and Meditation to open and align your chakras.  If you don’t know what a chakra is then come learn and be awakened to your most creative self.  We will practice breath of fire and kriyas that will unlock your creative potential. A deep meditation will follow the kriya. Chanting and singing will be a part of your experience.  Yogi Bajan said that those that don’t go within – go without.  Let’s go within together on this 90 minute journey!  All levels welcome.

***We are offering Sadhna Tuesday 4:30am – 6:30am and Wednesday 4am – 6am. Check the MBO for current offerings for this amazing experience.


HOUR OF POWER lunch time yoga OR HAPPY HOUR classes include poses for digestion, strengthening for your core and reducing your stress to finish out your day with rejuvenated energy and optimal productivity!  We end our practice with a wonderful savasana and short meditation.  All levels welcome!  We offer modifications and challenges for different levels and abilities. If you don’t have an hour you can always leave early.  Max Muscle down the street at 322 Pine offers a $1.00 of nutritious protein shakes (vegan options).  Just mention Olive Yoga and you will receive the discount and nutritious sustenance.


Restorative Rejuvenation:  End your day with an amazing, candlelight restorative sequence designed to reduce your stress, heart rate and blood pressure.  Each pose is close to the earth and held for longer times with props to support you in BEing as comfortable as possible as you access your parasympathetic nervous system to nourish your body.  Each pose is designed to calm the system.  The benefits of a restorative practice are better than a good nights slumber.  This class is great for all levels!


Fusion Flow:  This eclectic class will incorporate different styles of teaching from Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow with a grand finale of restorative yoga to give you an overall experience of flowing into your center.  It will give you a taste of all the classes offered at Olive Yoga.  Become present with your breath and alignment of the poses.  All levels are welcome!


Prana Flow:  Pranayama is the 4th limb of yoga!  It is likened to life force.  This 90-minute class will focus on breath work and flowing through poses that allows the breath to guide you through your journey.  All levels are welcome.  The ancient yogis believed we only have a certain number of breaths. Therefore, the quality of breath helps the quality of life.  All levels are welcome.